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wList is a computer program which allows you to create a list of the files and subfolders of a given folder (also known as a directory). With one click, you can create a list of contents of any CD-ROM, DVD, or USB flash drive, or any hard disk. You can easily search through or print this list.

wList is easier than dir command (DOS). It supports file names which include Unicode characters. It runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

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Essential for finding the file(s) you want when you have a lot of them.
How to search files from many CD/DVD discs at once?
How to list all video files?
From hidden or temporary folders also!
You can print a directory list and use it - perhaps as a CD cover.
How to make a CD cover with table of contents?
Documentation/Archiving (backup)
Thanks to wList, you can easily document the contents of folders. You can make a list of files before archiving them.
How to make a clickable file list?
You can make a playlist and save it in M3U8 format.
How to create a complete playlist of all of your MP3 files?
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