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"Options" window

wList options window is divided into three areas:

Search Range

Here you can set up maximum search depth or if wList should proceed hidden or system folders/files.


Here you can edit details about "Search for" filters. There are:

Pressing "Def." button (Default values) will reset only filter selected in "Search for" field. "Reset" button doesn't change any filter details.

Actions and Locations

Most of these options are easy to understand. Let us focus on the last two.

Default list location is chosen when wList starts. Empty value means: "<Desktop> | <My Documents>". If you list CD disks very often, you can enter there the path to your CD drive, e.g.: "D:\". Before you do that, make sure that CD is inside drive. You can't setup non existing locations.

Default save location is proposed when you save first time since starting wList. Location proposed next time, is the location you saved previously.

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