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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is wList for?
For easy file/folder list creation.
I found a bug, where should I report it?
Report bugs here. Thank you.
Is wList free?
No, wList is Shareware and costs $15 (US). However, you may use/try it for free for 30 days.
May I print from wList?
Not directly, to print a file list you need to paste it into Notepad or into your favorite text editor.
How to make one file list from many drives?
There are two methods for listing more than one location:

Method 1) List all locations at once

Write all paths into a location field. Separate them by vertical bar character "|".

Method 2) List each location one by one

  1. Inside wList open "Options" window (Ctrl+,).
  2. Uncheck "Clear before list".
  3. Now, list files from each location one by one. You can manually clear whole list by choosing "Clear" (F8 key).
I like it, how can I help you?
We are glad to hear that, there are plenty of ways to improve this product, you may consider:
  • Use wList and show it to others.
  • Put information about it on your blog and into your favorite discussion forums.
  • Ask questions. It will help us to understand what is not clear for users.
  • Write suggestions what to improve and how, what to add.
  • Suggest English corrections.
  • Offer translation of help and product web page into other languages.
  • Buy our products.

More questions? See Chosen problems.

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