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How to make a CD cover with table of contents?

Step 1) Get printable template

Download CD cover template or prepare it manually in you favorite word processor.

Step 2) Generate file/folder list

Use wList to prepare the list you need. See following example:

How to list names of all folders containing music?
  1. Open "List Style" window (Ctrl+T):
  2. Uncheck "Header".
  3. Select "Folders, full path" or "Folders, summarized".
  4. Press "Customize" button.
  5. Set "Base Folder" → "Name".
  6. Press "OK" (back to Main window).
  7. Set "Location" to your music path.
  8. Set "Search for" → "MP3 & Similar".

Now you can make the list (press F6 or "List" button). wList will skip folders which don't contain music files.
If you want to list top level folders only, go to "Options" window (Ctrl+,) and set "Max. depth" to 2.
To copy results into clipboard, press F7.

Step 3) Finalize your CD cover

Enter disk title. Paste generated list into CD cover template. Now you can do some changes like choosing the font you like, adding graphics or colors.
At the end, print and cut your CD cover.

Congratulations. Now celebrate!

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