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How to search files from many CD/DVD discs at once?

After saving a list of contents of each disc one by one, you can choose to search multiple lists at the same time, whenever you need. Never again will you need to try one CD after another looking for the right file.

Inside wList make file lists of your CD/DVD disks. Place them into the same folder. Each CD/DVD should have a unique name or number. File names of these lists must correspond to CDs/DVDs names.

Tip: Set default list location

Open "Options" window (Ctrl+,). Fill "Default save location" field with your chosen path. Now, all new file lists will be saved there by default.

How to search multiple lists?

To search all lists at once:

  1. Inside Windows Explorer open folder which contains your file lists.
  2. Press Ctrl+F (Search).
  3. Write searched phrase into "A word or phrase in the file" field and press Enter.

Congratulations. Now celebrate!

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