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"Replacement table" window

This is an essential window of wReplace program. Here you can choose or create replacement tables. Each row of this table consists of three elements:

  1. Text phrase to search (Search for).
  2. Phrase to be replaced with (Replace with).
  3. Options:
    • C — Case sensitive — Distinguish between upper and lower case.
    • W — Whole words only — Ignore phrases which are part of longer words.

Sequence of changes

Row order is important, because it affects sequence of replacements. These replacements are launched following these rules:

  1. If searched phrase is located earlier in the text, than replacement is launched earlier.
  2. If two possible replacements are in the same place, only one replacement is launched — the one which is higher in the replacement table. Position 1 is the highest.

Example of replacements "aba" text. Near the arrows there are rows numbers. Last changed phrases marked in red.

Replacement table
No. Search for Replace with Options
1 ab abab  
2 a aba  
3 aba x  
aba 1→ ababa 2→ abababa 

Load table quickly

The illustration below shows button for quick loading of replacement tables, which are located in default folder. Now you can load your tables in just two clicks. Choose (new) to clean whole table.

Available operations

Open Read replacement table from file (default extension is .wReplace).
Save As Save replacement table into file.
Add Add new row at the end of table (shortcut Ctrl + N)
Edit Edit selected rows (shortcut F2). Goes to "Edit row" window.
Delete Delete selected rows (shortcut Del).
Move Up Move selected rows up (shortcut Ctrl + Alt + ↑).
Move Down Move selected rows down (shortcut Ctrl + Alt + ↓).
More Access additional operations: Copy All, Paste All, Swap Columns.
Copy All Copy whole table into clipboard. This option allows you to exchange data with the spreadsheet.
Paste All Create replacement table from clipboard data.
Swap Columns In each row, replace fields Search for and Replace with with one another.
Replace All Do replacements in text and close window.
Cancel Do not change text and close window (shortcut Esc).

Related keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + A - Select all rows.
Ctrl + N - Add new row.
F2 - Edit selected rows.
Del - Delete selected rows.
Ctrl + Alt + ↑ - Move selected rows up.
Ctrl + Alt + ↓ - Move selected rows down.
Esc - Cancel & close window.
F11 - Maximize (or restore) window .
Ctrl + - - Decrease font size.
Ctrl + = - Increase font size.

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