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By pressing learn button you will start neural network learning. In most cases it will stop automatically. If necessary, press Esc key or Stop button to stop it manually.

There are several important values visible on the toolbar.
Error - Percent of wrongly classified learning points, number of these points is inside brackets.
ni - Learning speed parameter.
Age - Number of backpropagation phases, and number of epochs. One epoch is the number of backpropagation phases equal to the number of points (yellow and blue).
Values visible next to program logo are learning speed (K/s) and time (s).

Learn Menu

Next to Learn button learn menu is located. Here you can set how learning should start, and how long it takes.

Reset at beginning - Checked by default. If not checked, then Learn button will not learn from the beginning, it will do additional learning.

Hard, Normal, Soft - Automatically stop learning when error reaches certain value.

1..10 000 Epochs - Learn for a chosen number of epochs.

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