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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is wReplace for?
For easy multiple letters and phrases text replacements making.
Is wReplace free?
Yes, wReplace is indeed free, i.e we do not charge any money for it. You can use it both for private and commercial use. We would be very glad, if you will inform us where and how you are using this software.
Can I work with Word (.doc) files?
No, wReplace is intended to work with plain text (.txt) files. However, you can Copy/Paste text form Word into wReplace.
Why can’t I find the replacement table I need?
Current version of wReplace has only few replacement tables included. That is because this product is at an early stage, and author does not have knowledge about many different languages to provide such tables. You can create your own replacement table, and you can paste it from spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel/Calc). You are welcome to share your tables with other users — see next question.
Can I attach my own replacement tables to wReplace ?
Yes, just contact us. We will put interesting tables on wReplace web page. Maybe we will include them in the next release.
I like it, how can I help you?
We are glad to hear that, there are plenty of ways to improve this product, you may consider:
  • Use wReplace and show it to others.
  • Put information about it on your blog and into your favorites discussion forums.
  • Ask a questions. It will help us to understand what is not clear for users.
  • Write suggestions what to improve and how, what to add.
  • Suggest English corrections.
  • Offer translation of help and product web page into other languages.
  • Buy our products.

More questions? See Chosen problems.

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